Step 5 - Audit

Centre for Evidence-based Medicine (CEBM)

The Centre for Evidence-based Medicine is comprehensive and has great theoretical information and practical tips on EBP.

There is a range of EBM Tools that cover each step of the EBP Process.

Of specific interest may be:

Students 4 Best Evidence website

This is an excellent student developed Evidence Based Healthcare (EBH) site!! It is supported by the UK Cochrane Centre. Look here for general EBP information, discussion on EBP topics and lots of useful links to other EBP resources. The site also provides information and resources for each of the 5 EBP Process steps:

Introduction to EBP in Optometry


"application of knowledge to decision making in optometric practice"


EBP involves

Acquisition and use of:

                        Information skills

Step 5: Audit

 Step 5: Audit

The fifth and final step in the EBP process is Audit, and in this context involves checking whether patient care is evidence-based.

Barriers to EBP Task

A list of barriers and strategies to EBP specific to optometry and eye care professionals.
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