Where do optometrists source evidence?

CE forumContinuing education meetings continue to be the primary source of information for optometry

A team of academics from Melbourne University has recently published interesting findings from a survey they conducted on Australian optometrists in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Optometry and Vision Science. Downie, Keller and Vingrys’ (2013) survey included a question on the evidence base underlying dry eye practices. In line with previous findings reported by Suttle, Jalbert and Alnahedh in 2012, the most influential sources of information included optometry continuing education (CE) conferences (60%), undergraduate training (29%), peer-reviewed journal articles (24%), postgraduate training (20%), and recommendations from colleagues (14%). This findings point to Australian optometrists' strong reliance on knowledge acquired through CE forums to guide their practices and reinforce the need for strong embedding of Evidence-Based Practice skills in optometry graduates - so that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to critically appraise information provided to them through CE forums.



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