Meetings & Meetings

Meet Kosta: on 11th September, 2012, the Team welcomed web-site developer, Kosta Douka to the Project team. Kosta is a fantastic addition to our team with 5 years of experience in developing industrial software and 14 years of experience in web designing/development and solutions architecture for medium and larger scaled projects.

Reference group meeting. The project leaders met with the Project’s reference group (13/09/12), who provided expert feedback on the Project Plan. The meeting was very helpful, and has resulted in the refinement of plans relating to the Project’s upcoming activities.

SEMO meeting: The entire Project Team is presenting at the Educator’s meeting:
Challinor K L, Jalbert I, Thompson R, Togher L, Jacobs R J, Alnahedh T, Pesudovs K, Junghans B M, Pianta M, Hendicott P, Stapleton F, Weisinger H S, Suttle C M. (2012). Evidence-based practice in Optometry - the Australasian collaborative project. 14th Scientific and 8th Educators’ Meeting in Optometry (SEMO), 22-24 Sept 2012, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Team’s 2nd face-to-face meeting (Uni of Melb, 25 & 26th September 2012)Two jammed-packed days are in store for this meeting, which will focus on realising the Project Logic’s dreams over the next 6 months. Melbourne’s coffee machines await us…

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