Data collection, presenstations and online resource progress

University of Auckland teaching survey
Auckland’s Department of Optometry and Vision Science warmly welcomed the arrival of October and the Project Manager, Kirsten Challinor, who interviewed course controllers about their EBP teaching strategies. The teaching strategies identified in this survey will contribute to the EBP online resource

Academy Meeting, Phoenix
Many of our Team contributed to the world’s foremost Optometry meeting, The American Academy of Optometry, held late October, in Phoenix, USA. In particular, the EBP Optometry Project presented our findings from the UNSW teacher survey on EBP teaching strategies. In addition, the Project’s validated EBP skills test attracted much attention.




Online Resource for EBP 
One of the most exciting elements of the Project is the creation of an online resource to support the learning and teaching EBP. The site is being designed for teachers, students and practitioners. Catherine Suttle is leading the fantastic progress on the site development. Construction of the site is well underway. Major advances to the development of content and structure are ongoing. Launch is expected in March 2013.

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